John Collett - Type Rhino

Hello, I’m John Collett and I help people reverse their Type 2 Diabetes even if they don’t believe they can.

My goal is to help you find the right way to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes; the way that is right for your body.

We achieve this in 4 ways: 

  1. Education.  You need to understand the cons if you do nothing, and the pros of you kicking diabetes’ ass. 
  2. Food.  Find the right foods that you can eat and enjoy. 
  3. Exercise.  Help you find an exercise you love doing. 
  4. Accountability.  Join an amazing community of people going through what you’re going through.  Be warned; we will pick you up if you fall but you must get back up and charge!

I hope you enjoy the website and I hope to see you in our Facebook Group.  If you want to know a bit more about me please scroll down.

You’re not a number, you’re a Rhino, Now Charge!

Ice-Cream eating machine

How I Got Type 2 Diabetes

In 2018 I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Looking at this photo you can see I was a lean mean ice-cream eating machine. 

My first warning sign was my vision started to deteriorate. The optician said I was getting old, so I dismissed it. 

The next warning sign was my cuts and bruises took longer to heal. I put that down to getting older too.   

Another warning sign was getting a ton of energy. I was a direct salesman at the time, and I got paid more money for generating my own leads, so I started knocking doors again (sorry). I then lost 2 stone in 6 months. The knocking doors was obviously paying off! 

And then I got a massive thirst. 

I knew about Type 2 Diabetes but I believed I had already taken precautions to avoid it. I had stopped putting sugar in my tea, I stopped putting sugar on cereal. I ate less sugary cereal. I stopped drinking full fat (the full-sugar) drinks. 

I could not have Type 2 Diabetes could I?  

What the Doctor Said

So I went to see the Doctor. Being a stereotypical man I like going to see the Doctor about as much as I enjoy clothes shopping; I did it as little as possible. 

The Doctor told me it was probably Diabetes, but I would need the blood tests first. When I went to see him again he confirmed it was Type 2 Diabetes. He then explained what Type 2 Diabetes was. 

While he talked I had a flashback of a great guy I used to work with, who had explained how he was going to have his foot amputated because of his Type 2 Diabetes.

So I said I would go on a low-carb diet and start doing exercise (I had no idea what a carbohydrate was, let alone what a low-carb diet was!)

He then turned around and said, “No, I want you to carry on eating all the same foods, so I can best medicate you.” I had to ask him to repeat himself. 

My sugar addicted brain said “Hooray.” My logical brain was telling me this did not make any sense. 

Time to Charge…

Using Exercise to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

 The idea of exercising did not fill with joy.  I had joined a gym many times.  I did not enjoy it and every time I got hurt.  Every time I tried running I hurt my shins and hips.  I was suffering from sciatica and it hurt when I moved anywhere.  Does that sound familiar?

I decided to try Yoga.  That’s right, Yoga. But not any old Yoga; DDP Yoga – “It’s not your Mama’s Yoga” – I chose this exercise because Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is a Wrestler.  I love Pro Wrestling (we don’t judge at Type Rhino)  and I thought if he does Yoga then I can too.

I loved it.  BANG!  I have not looked back.  I am even training to become a certified instructor.

It was very difficult at first, as I had the flexibility of a plank.  I eased myself into it.  15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.  Then 25 minutes a day, 4 times a week. Then 45 minutes a day, 4 to 5 times a week.  

Eventually I started to gain flexibility and lose weight.  I knew I was on the right track when one day I did a DDP Yoga move and noticed my sciatica was not hurting me anymore.  BOOM!

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Changing Your Diet

I watched a number of different documentaries on Food and was amazed to learn how much processed sugar is in different food.

I came to the conclusion I needed to cut out sugary processed foods from my diet.  I would like to tell you at this point that I went and looked up a diet online and followed it.  I did not. 

I hate the word ‘Diet’.  I visualise something temporary.  I have seen too many people go on diets for x amount of weeks, lose weight, then stop and put the weight straight back on.  You probably do too.

I made a list of all the meals I ate and then decided to swap the bad foods with good food.  Example: Spaghetti with  Courgetti Spaghetti.  Rice with Cauliflower Rice.  

The hardest thing about swapping foods was not eating more vegetables, but dealing with the Sugar Addiction.  

Sugar Addiction

I found this the most difficult to deal with.  I explained to a friend of mine who helps people come off drugs what I was going through, and he explained it’s just like people who suffer withdrawal.

If I was out with friends and they put biscuits (cookies) in front of me I had to hold my hand back to stop it from reaching out and taking one.  I remember one day there was a packet on the table and there was only one biscuit left.  No one in the room wanted to take it (British politeness).  I ended up shouting at my friends to eat the biscuit.  You see, I found that I could not focus on what was being said.  I was fighting a battle in my brain not to eat the cookie.

Eventually I started visualising the Poison sign whenever I saw sugary food or processed food.  I started calling it poison.  Eventually my body was repulsed when I saw it.  I have to admit I don’t even like watching people eat it anymore.   

It took 2 months for the craving to stop and I want to say I never have them now, but I do.  I now see them as an occasional reward for doing well all week, and only if I do well all week. 

Type Rhino – Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Reversed

In January 2019 I went for my Diabetes check-up (I still don’t like going to the Doctors.) I had my blood tested and a few days later I was asked to come back. 

The nurse sat me down and asked how I did it.  Did what? “Your Sugar level was 108 now it’s 30. How did you do it?” I was told I could come off the Diabetes register. BANG! 

I hope this has inspired you to take the action needed to change your life too.

Do you want to go around telling everyone you’re a Type 2 Diabetic for the rest of your life, or do you want to be a 6000lb Rhino that charges towards your goals?

Your 2-inch thick skin means that life’s problems bounce off you, and if life does knock you down I will be here to get you back on your feet.

When people ask if you’re Type 2 Diabetic you can say loud and proud: “I am not a number I am a Rhino!”